Marilyn Tomlin - Composer/Lyricist

Marilyn has been a pet owner since the age of 2 and a musician since the age of 5. One day while working in her kitchen she found herself making up a silly song about her dog, Glory (otherwise known as Glorianna Puppington - hence She sang the song for friends who thought it was quite entertaining. A few weeks later during a brainstorming session she came up with the idea of offering similar songs for pet lovers who were just as over the top as she is. She called up a business associate who had worked on another art project for her and a partnership was born. (Learn more about Pat Jackson, artist, below).

Marilyn has been in sales and marketing for nearly 15 years and was a professional musician before that, having graduated with a degree in piano from University of Puget Sound and performed in venues around the west coast. Marilyn hopes that her customers will enjoy listening to these PuppingTunes as much as she enjoys composing them.

Pat Jackson - Graphic Artist

Pat Jackson lives in Seattle. She shares her home with her cats, Winston and Tiger. Their comical antics remind her constantly of all animals' unique personalities. These qualities come through in her paintings.

Her field of studies includes Graphic and Computer Art at the Art Institute of Seattle, Wildlife and Scientific Illustration at the University of Washington, and Botanical Illustration at New York University Botanical Gardens.