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Music Samples

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Gilly - A sedate and sweet bearded collie, mellow enough to spend her days in her owner’s antique store –except when the UPS truck appears!

Grady - A kitty who can be mean and feisty at times. This song was a gift for Stephanie – the family’s 18 year old daughter and Grady’s favorite family member—from her mom.

Norma - This song was written as a birthday gift for a person - a realtor named Norma, a woman with a wonderfully quirky personality and a big heart who loves to be pampered, looks out for the robins in her treetops, and enjoys the finer things in life.

Rocky - Rocky was a little black Pomeranian who passed away at age 14, leaving his owner devastated. Her aunt and uncle decided to have a special memorial song written for Rocky in order to help her process the loss of her pet. They asked for something "kind of pop - maybe with a hint of Elton John . . ." something that was poignant yet celebrated the endearing memories as well.

Sunny - A business associate had this song composed for his brother, a retired Microsoft executive, and his family. It has an upbeat, sweet pop kind of feel—sort of like a Golden Retriever!

Sweepy - When her owners purchased a PuppingTune at a Humane Society auction, they wanted a sweet, "classical or maybe baroque influenced song" about their very cute cockatiel. This tune about a most unusual pet bird is done in light operetta style.


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  When Gilly Gets SillyHershey's KissesOde to SiahIsabellaNorma (A PeopleTune)


"Pat loved the song!  So far every night when he gets home from work and after Spuddy greets him he plays the song and sings along.  We love it!"
 – Carolyn/Seattle (Spuddy)
"Marilyn Steph loved the song and picture.  She had a big grin on her face and thought both really captured Grady's personality. ...I can't thank you enough for rushing this through--and it came out just perfect!"
 – Beth/Seattle (Grady)
"What a great way to celebrate with your special pet--we all love it!"
 – Janie/Seattle (Gillie)

"Three months after receiving this awesome gift I still listen to "The Sunny Song" every day.  And no one can even believe that our dog has his own song. It's the best."
 – Mark/Bainbridge Island (Sunny)

"We've just finished listening to the song for the sixth time with Sweepy. What can I say? Pure genius. Elegant, funny, clever and most of all perfect for our Sweepy. I was laughing like crazy and it brought my wife to tears. The painting was magnificent too. Please thank the artist for us. And to think that you both created these womderful pieces for the benefit of the Humane Society. I would be delighted to have you quote me . . .and use me as a reference. Thanks again!"
 – Mark Kratter/Spokane (Sweepy)
**Mark purchased the song and portrait at 2003 Tuxes and Tails -- Seattle King County Humane Society Fundraiser - for their family Cockatiel named "Sweepy."