Oh Isabella, you’re such a beauty
We met when you were four months old, a Cocker cutie
So black and tan you’ll ne’er find a spaniel who could compare to you
Miss Isabella—there at the shoe store
You look for bits of leather scraps so you can chew more
Ron and Louise do their best to please you
Their special girl so true.

Miss Kissabella—a proud show girlie
How did those ears turn out to be so long and curly
Big soulful eyes and sad Cocker sighs might get you a treat or two
You’re such a princess—you love attention
Your attributes are far too numerous to mention
Most folks adore you, those who don’t—bore you
You know they’re full of pooh.

Languid days—sleeping cozily in your crate
Oh how patiently you will wait—for a friend to come see you
And when they unlock the latch—you’re ready for a game of catch
Or some leftovers you might snatch—from a backpack or two

At home you’re special—you crash the “boys club”
Then you expect a friendly pat or a nice backrub
Up on the bed you’re heavy as lead, you take up a lot of space.
Louise and Ron then—will scold you sternly
It’s not polite to wake up Mom and Dad too early
And though they might grouse you still rule the house
And sleep in your special place.

Miss Isabella—a little darling
You win with love you won’t intimidate by snarling
Just look endearing, soon you’ll be hearing
Sweet words of love and praise
Oh Isabella—you’re just a dolly
And more attractive than a shepherd chow or collie
Out to the tree if you need to pee
It’s more fun on sunny days.

Miss Isabella a —you’re Jordan’s buddy
You perk him up if he acts like a fuddy duddy
At home you’re sporty, in the back 40 traipsing the stuff inside
And Isabella—it doesn’t matter—if you grow old get taller shorter thinner fatter
We’ll always love you, think highly of you
You are our joy and pride!

Composed by Marilyn Tomlin
Especially for Ron and Louise Ramuta…..and Isabella, of course
Copyright 2003 / PuppingTunes