Beautiful lady in her hilltop estate
Kind of a diva, usually runs late
Bill’s special woman, our dear dear friend
Listen up Normie, ‘cause it’s love that we send

She’d stay in her bathrobe all day if she could
But by noon she’ll get dressed since it wouldn’t look good
To greet new home buyers looking “just out of bed”
She’s blonde and she’s gorgeous but she’s no airhead

Beneath this lovely exterior—a heart that’s truly superior
Listener, survivor, and daughter and thriver
Substance with style to charm and beguile

We’ve known her for years and we think back to when
She couldn’t say NO when it came to “cute men”
With two or three dates on the very same night
Normie, how did you keep all those names right
And speaking of names we remember a time
When she didn’t use hers and Ms. Allen’s worked fine

She’ll talk on the phone crunching food in the bath
And afternoon nap time helps keep her on path
When she checks her reflection she’ll pout up her lips
Lives to be pampered, adores chocolates chips

Would climb a tree in the darkest storm
To make sure her baby robins are safe and warm
Love cats and treats them like royalty
A heart for all creatures, whatever they be

And so, Norma Cheesecake, we celebrate YOU
Your passions, your life, and the strange things you do
The taped tennis balls you keep under your neck
Might seem a bit quirky but hey, what the heck
You’re just a long cool woman in a black dress
And listen Norma, we’ve got to express
You are one of a kind—you blow our collective mind
Happy Birthday Buddy—Happy Birthday to you!

A special gift to “Normie” from her special friends
Composed by Marilyn Tomlin
Copyright 2003 / PuppingTunes